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This Just In! 'Portal's cake joke is old.'

I laughed out loud reading the comments from a fellow gamer in PC Gamer for Feb 2008. It went something like "Nerds ruin everything." and it's true. Portal is a good game but it's way overdone now. I guess when you have nothing to do all day aside from make stupid 8-bit art and cubes from games and talk about how ROFL cake is, it just ruins the effect.

I've become sick of the whole game because of the internet community, especially this site. I'm tired of seeing pathetic news stories about some loser who created a cube with a heart on it, and the title has "x x x Cake x x Portal x x x LOL" in it. It's stupid. It was funny that one time. It wasn't the best joke ever. The only reason people keep going on about it is because there's really nothing out there. The guy also pointed out that what someone needs to do to stop the nerdism of cake is to create something more stupid and funny. Again, I agree. It's the same joke over and over.

Get over it! Cake isn't that funny and after a few months, the whole Portal thing should have been done with. It's like somewhere in the game, Hypnotoad blasted cake everywhere and said "LOL at this" and the nerds followed. When is this love for 8-bit art and cubes and cake going to end?!

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