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EA Calls out Fox News Corps: They're all Lying Whores


Kotaku was recently attached to a letter addressed to Fox News from EA, in which they not only defend their game Mass Effect from the poorly put together "debate" over the games notorious sex scenes, but humbly asked for an apology from the "news" conglomerate.

In the letter, EA cites for Fox to, on air, publically admit that A) The game does not have "fully interactive sexual scenes" 2) the group who were talking about the scenes in the game had never played it, and have no real knowledge of gaming outside of a thirty year old game and �) The sexuality in the game is no more severe then the quality seen on Fox News' very own sister channel, Fox.

Quoting from the letter:

The resulting coverage was insulting to the men and women who spent years creating a game which is acclaimed by critics for its high creative standards. As video games continue to take audiences away from television, we expect to see more TV news stories warning parents about the corrupting influence of interactive entertainment. But this represents a new level of recklessness.

Do you watch the Fox Network? Do you watch Family Guy? Have you ever seen The OC? Do you think the sexual situations in Mass Effect are any more graphic than scenes routinely aired on those shows? Do you honestly believe that young people have more exposure to Mass Effect than to those prime time shows?

Kudos to EA for stepping in, unfortunately I doubt they'll get so much as a fart in their general direction from Fox.

I've played through this game, as many of you know, and the sex scene was quick, not damaging in anyway (apart from the problems that I had with it), and more tame then anything I've ever seen sexually on television in the last ten years.

Video games are never gonna get a clean wrap on television, especially news channels. Not when the ones in charge of them currently know nothing of them, and feed off the viewers ratings they'll know they'll get from bringing in Sir Thompson of Jackass to bad mouth everything thats ever been made. It's not fair to the developers, it's not fair to us, and it's not fair to the general public at large, who will forever frown on our favorite past time because they don't get a fair and balanced version of the truth.

The best we can do is keep on keepin' on. There's obviously a lot of good games have done for the world at large, and the only people who can't understand that are old people who fear change. It'll only be a matter of time before their uninformed opinions are silenced by the maddening cries of change from us gamers.

[Via Kotaku]
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