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Advance Wars: Day of Ruin first impressions.


This is going to be a pretty relative short review:

It is the same game you've played before. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. Same great turn based gameplay still exists (developers should take note that turn base still works). New to the game are some new visuals and new units such as the motorcycle unit that can capture points, a "duster" plane that can attack air units and ground units (differs from the copter due to the fact that the duster can attack jets), and my favorite new unit the Anti-tank weapon. The Anti-Tank weapon is a indirect fire unit that does excessive damage to tank units. What makes it so special though is that it can return fire on direct and indirect units. So unlike your missles or rockets that get owned once some unit comes up right on its ass, the Anti-tank can fight back.

My only gripe are the visuals. During the story the art work is very nice but I don't approve of how the units look on the map. I know Nintendo wanted to go with a "darker" feel but during battles and on the map the units look like they were done half assed with cell shading.

Of course thats not going to cause me my [i] of Ruin[/]ee what I did there?). Like I said I could write more about the gameplay but those of us who are familiar with Advance Wars (and if you are not then shame on you) already know how this game plays.

So based on first impression I give this game a 8.5/10 Tragics...
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