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Yotsuba&! Revoltech Wins! ( I like toys)


So when I first saw this figure I completely fell in love! It's so cute! And just the fact that it's a Revoltech figure makes it a million times better! Call me new to the scene, but I just started becoming obsessed with Revoltech, their figures are really amazing. The posability of them is just nuts! This Yotsuba figure is one of the more simple figures by Revoltech, not as many joints as their others. However, it is still very very posable and extremely cute. I ordered mine off ebay and it should be here in a day or two! As soon as I get it you could expect tons of pictures of it!

I also went and checked out the manga of this series (with Yotsuba being the chosen mascot of 4chan.org they have every chapter up for download or for online viewing). It's quite good. Nothing action heavy or drama heavy though, just simple chapters. Each chapter is about Yotsuba and something; Yotusuba & the TV, Yotsuba & Shopping, etc. Her character is really hilarious!

Revoltech has this other amazing figure that I really need to have, I'll probably order it sometime later. Not doing too good on the money side right now. But it's the Helldiver from the show Patlabor. Anyone watch this anime before? I've never seen it before but this figure looks damn great too!

Oh yea, and new banner.
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