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Games that Deserved a Sequel: True Sequel Edition

Well I hope a lot of you had a Happy MLK day. I spent mine having melee battles in TF2 and not going to class or work so I think I won that day. Anyways I thought I would start off this short work week with an edition that focuses on games that deserved True sequels.


Granted that Fallout 3 isn't even out yet but most of us who are the die hard zealots of the Fallout clans have a feeling this one isn't going to resemble what we liked about the first two. Gone is the turn base option, intelligence affecting your speech options (in FO1 and 2 if you had low int you could only respond in grunts and half ass sentences), out are groin shots and other humorous instances, in are the minigames for certain skills like hacking to help gamers with certain instances, in is a new first person view or 3rd person over the shoulder view.

With these changes there doesn't seem to be too much hope for a game that seems to be a true sequel to a once great franchise. Hopefully I am wrong and Bethesda does know what they are doing by themselves and does not need the input of the community but I seem to doubt it.

Overall Fallout 3 could be a great game but doesn't seem like its going to be a great Fallout game. I hope I am wrong though and Fallout 3 will be a great sequel but I still feel the game should have stuck to its roots regardless of the times. Look how popular Titan Quest and Neverwinter Nights are/were and those games aren't very "hip" with the times. I feel Fallout could have stuck with its isometric view and just been given a bit of a make over and it would appeal to most a lot better than this new "Oblivion with guns" game they are making.
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