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EA releasing online-only pay-for-upgrades Battlefield game. Better start saving up for bullets...


Via the New York Times:


To paraphrase: EA is going to dumb down Battlefield, add a bunch of advertising, and make people pay for incremental upgrades. Play balancing, who needs that?

Quote from the NYT article:

“The existing Battlefield games are fairly deep; you have to be pretty good or you’ll die pretty quick,” Mr. Florin said Friday in a telephone interview from Geneva. “Now we’ve toned down the difficulty, shortened each game session to 10 or 15 minutes and made the visual style more cartoony.”

Its like Team Fortress 2, if TF2 had no strategy and its hand constantly in your wallet.

My favorite quote:

"Perhaps the prime candidate would be the company’s flagship Madden series, for which sales have slowed. Traditional versions of Madden are extremely complicated, but a simplified downloadable version would be expected to appeal to millions of more casual players."

EA ain't giving up that cash cow!
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