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Dtoid PDX Bad Movie Party

So, last night I held a bad movie party featuring some Destructoid members (cutiehoney, Toneman, and king3vbo). The flick we watched was The Fly 2, made in the late 1980's and starring Eric Stoltz and Daphne Zuniga (the chick from Spaceballs).

Amidst drinking Mike's Hard Lime, Fat Tire, Pepsi, and random snacking on Trader Joe's Ruffled Salt and Pepper Chips, we came to the conclusion that The Fly 2 can't make up what genre it is supposed to be. Is it a thriller? Is it a horror movie? Is it a romantic comedy, complete with phallic cactus scenes?

The special effects are gleefully gruesome, but the plot takes waaay too long to get started. The final monster form doesn't even resemble the fly and the ending is perhaps one of the worst endings Toneman has ever seen.

Afterwards, I showed them Incredible Crisis , a somewhat rare PSX game that is a precursor to Wario Ware. It features 25 minigames focused on different members of a Japanese family and how they react to an alien invasion. Aside from the swinging music by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and the loopy cutscenes, these minigames are more fun to watch than they are to play. Several of them are difficult to the point of sheer frustration and it doesn't help that you can only save your game once every few levels. Still, it is worth tracking down for the minigame where you have to help the husband bang his sexy secretary on a ferris wheel. And this is a game that was rated T!

I'm certainly going to do another bad movie party at some point and will do a posting on my blog about it earlier to see if I can meet more members of the Portland Dtoid Army.

Anyone ever play Incredible Crisis or have a suggestion for a bad movie?
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