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Nintendo doesn't respect Dtoid / Advance Wars Launch Event @ Nintendo World NYC

Here in the land of the robot, we are eagerly awaiting the release of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. According to people that have played it already, it's obvious that this game is going to be even better than the first classic installment on the DS. The graphic style looks slicker than Exxon Valdes and the improved nuances will kick ass (and take names) over Big N's Wifi.

In the latest issue of EGM, a Days of Ruin ad spreads across 2 pages to grab your attention and tell you what the critics are saying:

"Features like Wi-Fi play with voice chat, and map creation and sharing remake the title while keeping its addictive strategy gameplay."
- Joystiq.com

(Lemon's poopy-stained undeepants writes with more originality than whoever wrote that.)

"Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin looks to be the most exciting entry in the series since its introduction. Any fans of previous installments should find an incredible new depth with the title, as well as the maturity that a game about war should have."
- UGO.com

(Oh really? Then why is it rated E for Everyone? Hmmmmm?? Please fix this, Wombat!)

"It may be a big change, but Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin is a welcome addition to the series and one that should breathe new life into the game."
- Kotaku.com

(Thank you, Kotaku. At least better than the other guys.)

How dare you leave the mighty robot out of your little comment party, Nintendo! Here's my piece:

"This game gon' rock your face off! Buy that shit. Pick up 20 copies. Teach your dog how to play it. Print some dolla dolla bills y'all and sprinkle it on your favorite cereal. Worship the Advance Wars, cretin!"
- Some Asian guy from Destructoid.com

(See what I did there? Concise, touching upon aesthetics, scoring style points and brutal honesty. When will you sissy blogs ever learn?)

Don't forget, New York area Dtoiders. Nintendo World is hosting a special event this Sunday:

"Visit the Nintendo World store for a special sneak-peek celebration a day before the game's launch. From 1-3 PM, fans will have the chance to win cool prizes by participating in Nintendo trivia challenges and an Advance Wars tournament! Come early - the first 25 people in line for this awesome event will receive a free copy of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin!"

BahamutZero, EternalDarkWing, myself and other community members will be there. Come show us your Pokemans. And maybe we can get a quick game of Advance Wars in and publicly insult Bahamaslut. Boom.
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