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Will the Writer's Strike Affect Gaming?

I for one don't give two shits about the writer's strike. I rarely watch TV. Except for some Daily Show and the Colbert Report, which, in my opinion, hasn't affect the shows at all because they are just as hilarious as ever.

My real question: Is the WGA involved in gaming? I know that like %80 of games have enough story the be summed up in one sentence, like Halo or something. But other games that have a shit load of story or stories like in Mass Effect, would some of the story writers from that be in the WGA?

The strike has been going on for a while, I'm sure that it will be over soon. But if not, then what about those games that require tons of writers to make a good script?

I broke the glass long before the writer's strike. I just hope it doesn't affect gaming in any way. But it probably wont.
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