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My Team Fortress 2 (PC) experience...

I'm not a big online gamer to tell you the truth, but as of as early '06 I've been giving it a bigger and bigger try, starting with UT2k4 and working into some free MMOs, but as of yesterday, I'm a TF2 player. All I can say is fucking incredible! The game is a good team based online FPS, but avoids the dead serious tone of a lot of FPS titles which suits me just fine. I'll probably be online tomorrow, so be ready! Just look for OldschoolVgamer and you'll find me!

But what about my experience thus far? Utilizing my Logitech headset for online gaming for the first time today, I've gave messages to other players telling them what to look out for and what help I need. For me this is a new thing, I've never done it before, but I can't say that I hate it.

Some obnoxiousness has been going on in the Dtoid server with people spouting childish voice messages, one guy using the Demoman kept pressing a command asking for more teleporters and wouldn't shut the hell up, and some guy was cranking Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" through voice chat. Who was that guy?

By the way, I'm trying to come upon what my custom tag should look like. OK, does Valve have any policies about using copyrighted material for them? If not then my ideas are:

1) Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" album cover ala my avatar here
2) A picture of iconic 80's TV character MacGuyver 'cause he's fucking cool
3) Carl, the fat slob neighbor on Aqua Teen Hunger Force
4) Some of the characters from the cartoon The Boondocks
5) Stewie or Quagmire from Family Guy
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