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Rocking Gaming Podcasts

While I'm not writing semi-often posts on my Destructoid blog, I, like other people, have a (gasp!) day job. Mine is data entry at the moment. One upside of it is that I can listen to my iPod Shuffle as I work and I typically fill it to the brim with podcasts.

There are a few gaming podcasts I enjoy. Some rock. Others suck. More details below:


CAGCast- This one is for the site Cheap Ass Gamer. I listen to this one more for the chatter between the hosts Cheapy D and Wombat then their actual discussions about games itself. Listening to Wombat's random NYC stories along with Cheapy's stressful married with a kid stories is entertaining.

GFW Radio: This one is for Gaming For Windows Magazine, although they sadly haven't updated in a while. Since it covers computer games, the variety of gamers covered is rather small. Much like the CAGCast, this one is good for the random side chatter, although their coverage of games is detailed when they talk about them.

Gamers With Jobs Radio: This one is for Gamers with Jobs, a site for older gamers which focuses on PC and 360 gaming. Though I don't own a 360, just hearing them debate current game news topics is pretty enlightening and intelligent.

My next post? Gaming podcasts that suck...

Anyone listen to any good gaming podcasts I should check in on? Agree or disagree with my stance on these ones?
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