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Games that Deserve a Sequel Part 3

Well here I am, stuck at work til 7pm with a whole lot of nothing to do so here comes the 3rd Edition to "Games that Deserved Sequels"


In my opinion, Titan Quest is the best Diablo 2 clone to come out and I mean that in the best way possible. Usually in this day and age when someone tries to make a dungeon hack-n-slash it falls terribly short in comparison to Diablo 2 but that is not the case with Titan Quest.

The story is rather simple: Evil spirits/demons called Telkines are out to release a great Titan in order to destroy the Gods and humanity and it's up to you to stop them. You travel through Greece, Egypt, and Asia and to the Underworld if you get the expansion.

The game play is great, if you loved Diablo then there is no reason why you shouldn't get fixed on Titan Quest a bit. Great amount of unique weapons, there are relics and charms to upgrade certain unique armor to give your hero the stat boosts that you want or crave. A thing that Titan Quest improved on was the hero creation.

Unlike Diablo where you had to chose a certain class, Titan Quest allows you to pick from two skill trees, giving you a good amount of customization in what type of hero you want. You could go with Warrior/Rogue skill sets to do amazing damage or perhaps go with Storm Control and Defense skill set to make a tank mage.

Sadly this game doesn't have the same amount of Epic weapons that Diablo 2 boasts but there still is a whole lot of Unique and Epic weapons in Titan Quest that will keep you gaming through its normal, epic, and legendary difficulties. Along with the weapons there is an artifact system that can be created with recipes you find along the way giving your hero special abilities and skills once you complete them.

I would definetly recommend this game to anyone, especially those looking for some sort of fix until the next Diablo comes out (if its not a MMO like the rumors say). But in conclusion, we could all use a Titan Quest 2 with a whole lot more of what made TQ1 great before the time of Isometric dungeon crawlers fades away.

[Warning: This YTMND might confuse you in ways you thought weren't possible
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