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'Tiberium' trailered - my thoughts

So the trailer for Tiberium the upcoming C&C FPS has been released on GameTrailers, what do I think? I'll tell you.

Now while I shouldn’t really be too critical what with owning and all, but this doesn’t do anything for me. While it may end up being a very solid FPS, since C&C3 was released I have lost my need and desire for C&C games, and to take the franchise to the FPS arena is just a bad move. We shall wait and see, but I am most definately holding back my ‘hype-o-meter’ for this.

The trailer itself is well presented, and does what it should do, gives us a limited background on the game and sets out what it is all about. It was good to see a nice variety of units be involved, liked the transporter and to see some walkers was good. However having you as the head of a squad doesn’t work for me in this game. In the C&C RTS games the Commando has always had a key role with many missions over the games focusing on the use of that unit.

I think that Tiberium would be greatly suited to the ‘one man army’ deal as there is no pretence of realism as there is in WWII games and such like where playing a ‘one man army’ is oft criticized, with C&C being a sci-fi series I think people would have been able to overlook this for once. However I think EA are just riding on the bandwagon of the squad based games and I fully expect to see Co-Op utilized.

I really want this to succeed and to be considered a great game. However I think this is going to fall short of EA’s hopes and won’t be a critical success. Apoc, if you read this, I am sorry.

I originally posted that on my blog and you can catch the trailer there too. Linky.
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