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Epic Guitar Hero exam wrap-up.

I posted earlier this week regarding the plans my seventh-period class at school and I put together to end the semester exams with a bang. That is, to play Guitar Hero 3 (Xbox 360 ver.) for our exam period, which was about an hour and a half long. So after some trash-talking and technical difficulties (it turns out I was the only person who knew how to calibrate lag xD ), we got into it.

One epic pro face-off had two guys going head-to-head on One in Expert, but everyone else in the class played on Easy or Medium. It's a little awkward when you can trounce everyone else who plays on those difficulties, but the only other people who do Expert can easily hand you your ass. So overall I ended up roughly second or third place in our impromptu contest. Doing pro face-offs, I won at Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (Expert) and 3's and 7's (Medium), and lost on Hellacopter (Expert), La Grange (Expert), and Black Magic Woman (Expert).

After class was over (it was a shortened day, the period ended at 1:30-ish), a few people stayed behind to continue rocking, and we were visited by some more serious players, one of which I'm happy to say is my younger brother. He defeated the reigning GH champ (the only guy I know personally who has passed TTFaF) at Cherub Rock by a good 50k margin. ;D

But that's not the best part. We all had fun, but one freshman is our class is autistic, and while 'normal' enough to go to our high schoolregularly, he has a lot of trouble with social activities like this. He really wanted to play with someone, so we gave him a guitar controller, and after playing a couple songs, he was actually able to beat a few other girls playing with us. It was the happiest I've seen him in class.

In the end, a great way to end the semester. I hope I've earned a little more respect from the other gamers in my school. :3
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