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Has it been 5000 already?

(This was originally sent out last night in the staff e-mailer but at Nieroís suggestion Iíve decided to put it up here as well. It just really surprised me when I started adding things up how much time I and my fellow News Contributors had actually spent rounding up tips and how much time weíve saved the editors. If all the stuff people sent in to the tip line was included Iím sure those numbers would be ridiculously higher so thanks to everyone that helps the site out in this regard.)

So I was updating my tip records earlier (yeah, Iím geeky like that :) ) and noticed that Iíd just cleared the 5,000 tips sent mark (5049 specifically). Since that struck me as a rather large number I decided to use some algebra to see what else I could gleam from my records.

Firstly, is how much time I actually spent collecting and sending all that data. Assuming each batch took me an hour - itís actually more like an hour and twenty minutes now since I cover so many different websites (a minimum of 31) Ė and since my daily average is currently 28.7 that means each tip took around 2.1 minutes each. This means Iíve spent around 175.9 hours in all working at the tip-line.

Next I got to thinking about how much time this meant Iíd saved all of you. Around 11.59% of my tips are used for stories (My old average from back in October, actually. Since I used to track it by the [thanks] tags itís become unknown since Iíve joined the staff. Iíd think itís risen a bit since then but no real way to know for sure.) which would come out to around 585.18. Using that creates a min-max time-saved area of 20.39 to 175.9 hours, since itís unlikely that one editor would of spent the same amount of time tip-search as I do it would probably fall between there somewhere.

There is more than one editor though; taking the four of you that have used the most of my tips and that most regularly post news stories (Dale, Jim, Colette and Nick) that would bring the time saved area between 81.55 to 703.62 hours.

Iím not the only guy that sends tips in, though. Assuming my esteemed colleagues Adam and Joe have sent in the same amount (they have been at it longer than I have) then it would make our combined time spent tip-finding 527.71 hours. Also, by keeping the four editor minimum from above it would make the estimated amount of time weíve saved Destructoid somewhere in the ballpark of 244.65 to 2110.86 hours. Yeow! Talk about efficiency.

(Staff responces added at Gameboiís suggestion. I feel the <3)

I can't believe how much detailed data pulled together regarding tips. I'm in awe.

The bottom line is that there's no way Destructoid's front-page news editorial could function without the hard work for you, Joe, and Adam. You're all amazing, and words can't describe how much I appreciate what you do for us. I really wish there was something I could do or say that could properly express how grateful we are for what you do.

I'm amazed.

That is all.

Yeah, you guys are the cogs that keep the robot moving. <3

You know how much it sucks working at Shack and not having a dedicated crew of news-rounder-uppers to gather info for me? It sucks a whole fucking lot. I miss the tips emailer.

Thanks for being the gas that makes this shit go, Justin.

Yup, you guys are amazing. We love ya.

Wait, you're at Shacknews too? Are you still doing the Ars gig? Why aren't you in my life anymore?!

In other news, I'd like to second everybody else's sentiments: you guys are total life savers.

Yes, thanks guys. I used to scour the Internet just looking for morsels to nibble on. I got lost more than once and found myself at some very bad places along the way. You saved me!

I'll be more blunt. The page would fucking suck without you guys. I told Adam this when I saw him a couple of weeks ago. I've told Joe before, too. Not only do you save us time, you also provide motivation. My g-reader is so huge that its almost unmanageable - I almost hate to look at it. You guys make it easy by taking the whole world of game news and breaking it down into easy to read emails that not only show us what's going on, but show us that we might need to get to work.

If it were up to me, you'd get some kind of compensation for your contributions. I'll buy you dinner the next time I see you. But not Joe - he wakes me up when I'm sick.

Amazing stats by the way.

I love you guys hard. I'm not going to lie. It constantly occurs to me as I'm taking a tip that without you guys my workday would be a completely different experience (and also likely would suck.)


And most of us remember what it was like before you tipsters came down from the heavens, and lay your bounty at our feet. And I said bounty, not "packages". Zip up those pants.

Where would we be without our tipsters? We would suck.

You guys are all absolutely amazing. I would give you each a kidney if you needed it. Oh wait ...

Seriously, though, Destructoid would not even be close to as awesome as it is without you, Joe, and Adam. I <3 you guys so much! :) :) :) :)

That email was amazing. You gotta cblog that!

As always, thanks for your hard work and amazing contribution to the community. If I was into ass tattoos I would consider you.
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