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RUMOR: PS4? motion control?? cameras???

After reading this article, I felt its the perfect time to start throwing around rumors. Normally, such behavior is far below me(I think), but I can actually see some of this stuff as feasable considering some of Sony's previous endeavors(I'll get into that too). I'm also interested in seeing what the erudite gaming elite of the Destructoid community have to say also.

Now, I repeat, this is just a rumor I heard, do not take it as truth...yet. Sony has not confirmed or denied any of the following will be integral to the PS4(or for that matter, really anything about it). Also, the technologies are still another 5-6 years away.

Now the Rumor:

So I was talking to...lets say a friend...about how I wanted to buy a PS3 when MGS4 comes out. He said he would like to get one, but said he was a bit worried about Sony's continued support of it. I asked why. Why? One word(and a number).

Playstation 4.

He said he knows some guys who are working on developing some of the hardware to be used in the PS4. So here's the low down. Sony wants to use a camera to recognize the players movements and transfer that into the game, so its like the player is actually interacting with the game world. There will also be a pair of wireless gloves that aid in the recognition. Also, as a kicker, he told me that the PS4 wouldn't hook up to a TV as consoles currently and previously had(though, it would still be able to for those who wanted to). Instead it would come with a visor/headset that you would wear and it would also use the motion recoginition(though he didn't go into specifics there, if there are any yet).

Now the feasibility:

Now, here are the parts of that rumor that I see feasible. This section features a lot of mattlockery based on Sony's previous endeavors.

The camera motion recognition. I mean...seriously...duh...

Its obvious that Sony has been expirimenting with camera peripherals and motion recognition since the PS2. Namely with the Eyetoy. I certainly wouldn't have doubted they would have stopped with this considering the (somewhat)recently released game "The Eye of Judgement" that relies almost exclusively on the PS3 Eyetoy camera. I would not doubt there would be one for the PS4, even if it doesn't turn out to be a main implementation.

Now, the gloves are interesting. I think it's feasable, because "The Eye of Judgement" also relies on physical cards and a physical playing grid. It seems like wearing gloves may be useless though and I don't really see how the camera wouldn't be able to recognize a bare human hand. I think if there are gloves, they would be more akin to the old Power Glove and be more of a replacement for the Dualshock / Six Axis / whateverthehelltheyarecallingitnow.

Final Comments:

So, what do you think? Does this sound like something that Sony would make?-if so:
Do you think a console using the above features could be sucessful? Gloves, really?
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