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Star Wars Galaxies Trial (PC): The End

After attempting to fire up SWG a few more times, I've run into unplayable levels of lag yet again, despite the fact I have a 4MBPS cable modem connection. So ends my saga with Star Wars Galaxies. A bit of a shame too, since I enjoyed it a good bit more than WOW.

So where does that leave things? I'm not going to do another MMO trial blog as my next series of articles, but have come up with a few ideas and would like readers to decide via the comments which ones they would like the most.

Trilogy Trek: A series of blog articles about my playing through a trilogy of games one day at a time. Could be Xenosaga. Could be Metal Gear Solid. Could be the PSX era of Final Fantasies.

Weird Ass VG Music Vids: A weekly series of articles with me producing a new Video Game music video each week. Take a look at my Boy and His Blob video for an idea of what I'm talking about.

Suggest a Column: Readers suggest a different daily column I should do for each day of the week. Kind of nuts, but could be different. :)

Decide my blogging fate below. :)
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