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Another 360 Dies...

So my fourth xbox360 died just now. For no apparent reason whatsoever. It worked fine for
some COD4 last night, and today it decided that it should give me the Disk Read Error.
My first three 360s all died from 3RL. At least this one decided to mix it up a bit.
Of course this happens as soon as the LIVE issues seem to be calming down.

Well, looks like my PS3 will continue to dominate my game time, as Microsoft can't seem to
sustain any working networking services (LIVE DOWN FOR 25 DAYS NOW) or hardware, as it
will be another month (at least) until I can play another game.


It's also to be noted that they told me to send in my power supply as well as my console, as
this is my fourth repair in the last year. Maybe that'll provide SOME sort of hardware
reliability this time around? Let's hope so.

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