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My god, the conflict!


I'll let you in on one of the biggest, most frustrating things that comes with working in the industry. No, it's not being stuck in QA on a crappy game. It's not the long hours. Nor is it the free games and swag. (ok, that rules to be honest)

It's this.

I can't talk about anything that would be of interest to gamers who are NOT in the industry.

As a gamer, it drives me absolutely batty sometimes. I'll go through a short example.

Gamer side of my brain "Wow, self. This thing you just did because you work in the industry was totally awesome. I wanna tell people about it so everyone can know how awesome it is."

Professional part of my brain "Self, you know better. You were told to keep that confidential. You can't even tell people you played it"

Gamer side of my brain"But... but.. but..."

Professional part of my brain"We like our job don't we? We don't want an NDA violation following us for the rest of our career do we? Then knock it off."

One of the best parts of my job is that I get play stuff far before it comes out and not just stuff that my company happens to work on, but unlicensed stuff that gets a quick blurb here on Destructoid because it's not released to the public, or has only been seen in videos and screens and everyone is frothing at the mouth to see it.

Ok, yes I'm not talking about Street Fighter 4 or MGS4 or even what the sequel to Bioshock will be. I'm nowhere near up the food chain to know any of that stuff. The media, alot of times knows far more about it then even other people in the industry, which I think is cool.

But for things that our company has access to, I know when stuff is "really" coming out, or all the reasons why something isn't out yet or why this came out instead of that and I can't SAY A DAMN THING!!
I can't say a word and the gamer part of me that wants to tell everyone about all the cool stuff (and all the lame crap) is just about ready to explode. I can't even hint at it. Especially not here on Dtoid as this place is huge and it would be all over the net (or at least the stuff my bosses read) faster then a very fast thing. Or 90% of the people wouldn't believe me and it would still get out as a "rumor". (which would still get me fired.)

It's incredibly hard not to comment on some stories and give people the real reason why something happened or didn't happen but to be honest, I would hate to lose my job over a dumb comment, so I refrain.

Yes, I know, most of you are saying "Waaa Waaa cry baby, life is so tough" and true, I have one of the cooler jobs in the world, I just wish I could talk about it.

Thanks for listening to me whine.
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