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Everybodies Doing It: Why the Music Game Genre is Perfect

The title to this presumably epic conclusion is a tad misleading. Everybody is certainly doing it. It in question is listening. Everybody does it. Music is simply a part of being human. It's deep, delicious, and foaming from the ears with all the diversity you could ever ask for.

So in essence everybody is doing. We're all listening. We may not all be fantasizing about becoming a space marine, playing the role of God in manipulating the evolution of a new species, risking our lives for cake, or hopping from galaxy to galaxy. But we are all listening.

Now that one misconception is out the way time for my own personal conception. There is, in my mind, a great difference between the rhythm game and the music game. One involves rhythm (a la Dance Dance Revolution) and the other is the replication of playing music (a la Rock Band or Guitar Hero). This entry is for the latter.

Now granted certain epic tones really can't be grasped by music games. Slaying a colossi the size of the empire state building is not so easily captured but when you first grab the mic and start really putting yourself into Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf trust me you'll get it. It's a very deep feeling. Whereas other genres can be debated for hours on end the music game genre is just so deep because it uses one of the most attractive and captivating art forms and puts you, you, at the center of it.

That's what makes it so perfect. Because trivial gimmicks like space, fantasy worlds and apocalyptic doom are absent. It is just incredibly deep and pure at times.

And you can always tell when the genre is treated with this purity in mind. Using the modern classic war between Guitar Hero and Rock Band for example it's hard not to see that Neversoft saw, treated, and tended to GHIII as a game. With all due respect let's not get in over our heads. It is a game. But it shouldn't feel like a game. Rock Band as well as the previous Guitar Hero's, Amplitude, and Frequency (I consider Phase gimmicky and a poor example) were all made by musicians and it shows. The game factor was in mind but played a close second to the music factor. That's why if you ask any Harmonix employee why Run to the Hills is so significantly different on expert versus Guitar Hero they'll tell you they try to capture the feel. That's what music and the power of playing is about. It's the feel. Music is man's attempt to capture emotion in it's purest state without the eye to distract yet the imagination is opened. The music game genre takes away from that by adding the visual cues but adds to it by putting the listener into the music.

So there's my first real thoughtful entry. The organization is blobbed up and I hope to dig further into the depth of the music and rhythm genres but for now I hope this can be enough food for thought to tide over any possible readers until next time.

-Xzyliac Noise: Currently listening to the White Album
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