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More on possible TF2 changes

This thread has popped up on the Steam forums detailing possible changes to the Soldier and to the Pyro in Team Fortress 2. The thread poster got in touch with Robin Walker concerning Pyro point scoring and the Rocket Launcher for the Soldier. The response from Robin is as follows.

Hi Buzzbob.
Thanks for all the feedback, and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the
game. We are indeed investigating Soldier changes, and one of the
changes we're trying out is focused on making Soldiers a little more
careful firing their rockets at point blank targets.

As for the Pyro scoring, we have a minor tweak coming down the pipe.
He's going to get a small amount of points for every enemy he ignites.
This should reward you for those moments where you drop into the middle
of an enemy pack and light them all up, hurting them all and disrupting
their plans, but not managing to actually kill them

Interesting indeed especially in light of the recent rumourings from Valve over on Shacknews regarding changes coming to all the TF2 classes in the coming months.

Must say the Pyro change has me excited and may get me back in the game :D

The soldier one is also a good possible change.
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