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Screw Half Life's Story

So I've had The Orange Box for my 360 for nearly a week now, and I really dig it. Team Fortress 2 is a blast to play, and Portal is a wicked, if slightly subversive and twisted puzzle game.

For once, the FPS doesn't seem claustrophobic, boring, jumpy, or cliched. I may actual rent Halo 3or COD4 to see what all the fuss was about.

So tonight, I broke down and started to play Half Life 2. This was a stretch for a few reasons:
a. I get twitchy in many games with monsters/zombies/
b. Half Life has zombies.
c. The only reason I'm not playing Bioshock is due to cheap scares.

Yeah, I know. WTF? A 20 year old man pussying out in what are not even mildly scary games? Yeah I know. Well, fuck you. Deal with it. I'm doing my best to get over that moment in Resident Evil when the zombie turns around, and after nearly ten years, I think I may be ready to move on. Give me time.

So I started Half Life 2. Nevermind that I have no idea what the hell happened in Half Life one. (Wikipedia to the rescue!), but the humor seems cheeky, and on easy the difficulty seems just right. Plus, after all of the practice with TF2, banging away seems to be pretty quick and easy. Half Life is great.

Except for the lame ass unbelievable story. What we have here (if Wikipedia is to be believed) seems to be pretty cool, but then the crap with G-man and twenty years in stasis, and all of the people from the first game (Barney, old black doctor, old white doctor, old white administrator) haven't seemed to have aged much.

I mean, by all accounts, anybody who played HL, then played HL2 would have just as much of a good idea of what the heck is going on. The plot makes no freakin' sense.

The game will be great. Make no doubt about that. It's just disappointing that something that is considered some of gamings best plot lines is really no better than a B list scifi flick.

Somebody, please tell me the story makes sense, and I'm not just driven nuts by the wackiness of it all.
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