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Star Wars Galaxies Trial (PC): Day 4

I popped on to do some more questing with Milkshake Man, my Level 8 Medic, when SWG lagged as it had never lagged before. Perhaps it was the time of day. Perhaps my computer had too much suckitude. Perhaps it was SWG's way of telling me to spend part of a semi-sunny day outside.

The game lurched so bad it was nigh unplayable. I had all the graphics settings turned down to their lowest setting and was not in a crowded city environment-- I was just hunting wamprats like Luke Skywalker used to in his T-16 back home.

Next time I go into SWG I'll cancel the current quest and hop onto the main plot, which involves something in Jabba's Place. Hopefully there won't be a Jabba bukake minigame.
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