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Best. Semester Exam. EVAR.

Well, this week starts the dreaded semester exams at my high school, but surprisingly there is one bright spot in this dark sea of almost-certain annihilation.

But before I tell you that story, I have to tell you this story...

You see, my seventh-period class is Handbells. Yes, instead of a marching band or more traditional ensemble, we have a class for our handbell choir. It's basically a dozen or more people each playing three or four bells that each have a different tone. For example, I play A, A-flat(G-sharp), B, and B-flat (A-sharp). The other people whole play with me that period are all pretty fun, and our director/conductor/teacher is far younger than any other staff in the school (twenty-three, methinks?), is the drummer for a local band called The Greens and is a self-proclaimed geek. In between practicing songs, we all talk quite a bit about sports, movies, and video games.

So, when we walked into class after christmas break and started socializing before the bell rang, we soon discovered that nearly everyone in my class who has a PS2 or Xbox 360 got Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band over the holidays. Throughout the whole class that day we discussed our favorite songs, which ones are the hardest to play, how far we've gotten in career, etc, but one thing we all agreed on is that everyone needed to get together sometime and have a tournament.

But how?...

Well, because of how the Handbells class is structured (i.e. we just practice random songs the whole 50 minutes of the period), we don't have a "semester exam", just an extended period when all the other classes are taking theirs. That's nearly two hours with nothing to do....except....

Play Guitar Hero.

So on Friday, when other kids are sweating over a Calculus, Anatomy, or History test, my class will be rocking out to end the semester. Fuck. Yes. \m/

Follow-up commentary will be probably posted Friday evening-ish. But now I've got to practice. >:D
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