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Star Wars Galaxies Trial (PC): Days 2 + 3

After leveling up Milkshake Man, my Mon Calamari Medic, to Level 8, I decided to complete a few more side quests before jumping back onto the main kinda lame Han Solo questathon.

One thing I am impressed about with SWG is the humor to the quest dialogues. One "Explorer" Quest had my character deliver a top-secret message to the Emperor from a seemingly random NPC in Tatooine. After making a 9 KM trek across the Tatooine desert to a small city amusingly named Wayfar, my contact informed me that the quest giver was actually a crazy roaming bum in Mos Eisley. I still got the XP and gold reward from the quest, but I appreciate the extra effort in the flavor text.

On Day 3 I didn't play any SWG, but I did pick up a bundle of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Command and Conquer: The First Decade for the PC. I am mulling over doing a blog of me playing through each game in the series from both perspectives, NOD and GDI (or Allied and Russian, case depending).

Any thoughts?
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