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When bad games feel good Movie Games edition

Van Helsing

Using the Devil May Cry combat engine combined with Hugh Jackman voice acting, you can't really go wrong. Oh wait, yes you can.

The story is basically straight out of the movie (which wasn't very good to begin with) only butchered just enough to keep it interesting, which also removed any substance or depth. Visually the majority of the game was beautiful, very haunting, until you had to get into any detail with cut scenes.

Aside from the cut scenes being less than perfect, the boss battles were relatively annoying and long. Yet I played it. And for $10 about a month after its initial release, I somewhat enjoyed being painfully retarded for a few hours of my life playing it. The combat system saved this one, but I definitely felt better double jumping to extreme heights and rapid firing my handguns as Dante.

Spiderman 3

Yes, I have mentioned good old spidey in the “bad games that feel good” sense, but this one bears mentioning again. With how absolutely terrible the movie was, they had to have some redeeming quality to keep Spiderman from going under completely. The game itself was beautiful, though they did try to mix in a few too many feel-good moments from the movie (namely the shitty cut scenes, and the Mary Jane thrill ride missions)

However, the remainder of the game was beautiful. The story lines from various villains played through, and the appearance of some of the less recognizable villains and enemy science labs – at least ones that haven't made it into the movies. The way spiderman acted and talked was much more how I imagine he would from the comics, he's a lot more witty, nervous, and brilliant...unlike the movie where he's rarely anything but emo and whiney.

It was a decent length game, as well as decent substance...it's just that other stuff that gets in the way. Tobey Maguire and the Raimi's ruined Spiderman...at least they can't touch my comics.

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

Now, I didn't really care for the Chronicles of Riddick as a movie, and I understand the game got rave reviews. I personally didn't LOVE the game, but I feel confident I can classify this as a good-bad-game in general.

I don't have a lot to say on it, other than the first person shooter thing shouldn't ever blend with stealth combat (Oblivion is a different story.) However, it was really nice to see an original storyline for a movie game, not just some crappy writing and bad graphics thrown together to increase revenue. That, and being Riddick for a few hours of my life made me feel pretty awesome, he's my hero.

Now for a special bonus section; Bad movies that were still fun (or funny) based off video games.

To top the list, everyones favorite Super Mario brothers!

Follow John Leguizamo in his early role as Luigi, and the original Mario (who still had a New York accent, before he became actually Italian) battle the forces of Bowser in this terrible 80's geek flick. A must see for anyone desperate for some form of entertainment that does not involve major surgery.

Next one down; Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

In and of itself, this probably wouldn't have been a bad movie if it weren't tied in with the epic Final Fantasy Series. Having no set storyline for Final Fantasy, though, they took the name and ran - right across the room, naked, to have it produced. Hey, at least they had a Sid (or Cid in some cases.)

I'd put Tron on this list, but I'm not sure which came first, the game or the movie – it was pretty much a tie at the point it was released, but they were both brilliantly bad, and I love them very much.
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