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EDIT: Gates: 360 WILL BE the most reliable console on the market

EDIT: Thanks to Digiwalsh I had to edit this post. It's obvious I can't read. Give me a break man I've been on medicine for two weeks.

Jeez I'm back from the dead/death. Been ill since New Years day. Missed me, no? Of course not you sick man! But now this message just made me get all better. Seeing my name on Bahamutzero's friendlist gave me an extra kick in the but.
And what about this little fucker -> Excellent!

Now for the story:

From BBC.co.uk

"Soon to be sort of retired Microsoft chief Bill Gates has called Xbox 360 the most reliable console on the market.
His comments were made at CES to the BBC, which fired reader concerns at him - a remarkable amount apparently concerning Xbox failure rate.

�Well we certainly had to apologise to our users about the number of boxes that had to be replaced. We did that for free, for all those people, and we got a lot of positive feedback about the way we handled it,� said Gates.
�We�ve got incredible reliability on the new work that we�ve done. Our commitment is that it will be the most reliable videogame box out there. People love the Xbox because of the content, but we�ve got to make sure the hardware never stands in the way of that."

Damn that's funny. I don't want to start ye flamewars, Bill did.
No Bill, 360 is not reliable, your service might be ok but you shouldn't need to replace the boxes if you just made them good.
It is the same with windows, it's not reliable but everyone owns it.

Post unrelated Video's

Just because this rocks so much

And finally because I had such a good time back when I was ten

PEW! Glad to be back

And because I'm all better I'm going to play Team Fortress 2 all day long:
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