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Star Wars: Galaxies Trial(PC): Day 1

After playing a bit of EVE Online and almost passing out from boredom, I decided to try another sci-fi MMO. One set in a galaxy far, far away. One with Wookies. One called Star Wars Galaxies.

Despite not being totally into WOW, I am having a lot more fun with Star Wars Galaxies. SWG has a very similar gameplay style to WOW and part of the fun I am having is because of my geekiness with the Star Wars universe in general. In high school I read a lot of the Star Wars novels and just the concept of being able to play as an obese Mon Calamari medic named Milkshake Lad is too much fun.

The intro part of the game does a really nice job of introducing players to MMO concepts. Han Solo takes your character on a brief solo adventure featuring space combat, combat with security panels, and how to equip items.

From there, the game moves onto a newbie area consisting of a space station and a dungeon, to get players used to the concept of quests. After all this, you are plopped into Mos Eisly, a wretched hive of scum and villainy, which is huge and kind of chaotic.

I like how you can customize your character's look in this game. All the options reminded me of making an avatar in The Godfather Game for the PS2-- you can adjust eye size, weight, clothing, and more. Mine looks like the result of Marlon Brando having a passionate night wild buttery sex with a willing Mon Calamari waif.

Finding characters to get quests from is kind of a pain in the ass. Whey they don't have large question marks above their head as in WOW is a mystery.

Any thoughts on SWG?
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