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TF2 Weird Tutorials: Battle Medic, and i'm weird

I just randomly joined's server (i knew it exsisted, but i never saw it around) without realizing and screamed Battle Medic for about 10 minutes, and surprisingly i did a rather nice job of it. So with this just happening im going to make a tutorial to becoming a better battle medic.

Battle Medics are a rare breed, and are pretty awesome when used correctly. However not anyone can be a Battle Medic, and one can not always be in "Battle Medic Mode". It is best unleashed when either you are playing with a bunch of people who are relatively relaxed, or when one guy thinks you suck hard, then you bone-saw his face off.

My screen name is Unpro btw, big surprise eh?



I'm going to start off with a few rules:

1) Do not be a battle medic in a highly populated game, as much as you'd love it to work it doesn't.
2) You are more then welcome to heal, but remember if they got hurt in the first place they are probably better off dying
3) Your Bonesaw is your friend, your only friend. Hump it like a dog on a leg.
4) If you aren't having fun, then you aren't doing it right.


Run and gun

Running around with your needle gun shooting. Works if you are pro with needle gun, but not as much fun

Run and saw

My favourite type, running around with bone-saw ready. Most people does expect such a brutal attack, and seeing how the bone-saw does the most melee damage (ive heard heavy does more, but i still think bone-saw is number one) it is quite an effective strategy. Best done when using ambushing techniques, or attacking when others are reloading. Seeing how the medic is pretty quick, most classes will have trouble getting away.

Uber Goober

Getting uber, then being the "useless" medic and use it without another player. Being invincible is nice, but also makes you look stupid and harmless so the baddies don't waste ammo on you. This is when you get really far behind and take them out either as they spawn, or from behind. Surprisingly effective, and super fun.

Lastly, have a battle cry. Seeing how the destructoid server has enabled both teams to hear voice communication, make it something snappy and out of the ordinary. Don't use 'PWNed' or 'Your mother' as that is not the true spirit of Battle Medic. I personally like to say Battle Medic in a loud, but grungy voice and always after i do something that gains me points (not including assists).

An in conclusion, BATTLE MEDIC!!!

Looks like i completely forgot to mention the game.
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