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LOTR: Return of the King (PS2): Impressions

Call me a cheap bastard, but I can't pass up a $10 or so game if I am remotely interested in it. Years ago I played the Two Towers game for the PS2 and thought it was OK, but nothing special. After playing a few hours of Return of the King, I have to admit it's not too bad, just rather hard and lacking save points.

One of the things ROTK does better than its predecessor is have 3 different level paths-- one following Gandalf, one following Samwise Gamgee, and one following Aragorn. Each character can level up and earn new special moves, some of which are interchangable between characters. It is a bit of a shame, then, that each character feels pretty interchangable.

Combat is a bit of a challenge, especially while playing as hobbits. You can't hack your way straight through the baddies this time around, but the lack of save points reminds of me of the old NES days of yore. In a few cases, I have been slaughtered by the boss of a level only to be able to continue at a save point 20 minutes before the boss bottle. What is this, 1989?

The game looks fine, with the music and sound effects from the films adding to the atmosphere. As with other LOTR games based on the movie, the color palette is dull with silver armored characters on brown and grey backgrounds.

So far I would give it a B-- worth it for fantasy fans or for those who enjoy beat-em-ups.

Anyone else play this one?
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