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Finally, I'm Editor-in-Chief on my college paper.

Or, at least Co Editor-in-Chief. That's right, I am in charge of my college newspaper, The Oak Leaf! I've been wanting this position since my second semester of college, and now I get a glorious ulcer-inducing semester of being in charge and making my dreams come true!

You cannot believe how happy I am right now.

This is awesome, and I get to keep my videogame column going, as well as editorials, and the occasional news piece. It's gonna be tough (our publication is notorious for the EIC doing EVERYTHING, layout, editorials, news, photos, etc.), so hopefully duties can be divvied up nicely. Ultimately I'm here for the experience, and I'm super stoked for what the next five months will bring.

Wish me luck!

Oh, and to bring things down to gaming, I've got Orange Box coming in the mail tomorrow. I've struggled with FPSs in the past, and I want to know how, um, beginner friendly it is, especially TF2. I'm absolutaly a n00b when it comes to online etiquette. Any tips??
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What's to say? I like videogames, otherwise, why would I be here? Other than that, I'm a college student (UC Berkeley 2010)and I do journalism. I was Co-Editor in Chief at my junior college paper, The Oak Leaf, until I transfered to Berkeley. You can read it online here. I even had a games column which is surprisingly popular, and people get a kick out of it.

I also write for a tech blog at LogicTV. It's a cool; check it out.

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And I have a Facebook, but I still don't really understand it. Hit me up if you feel like it!

Oh! My Brawl code is 0559-6428-1240

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