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Why do Gaming News Outlets Try to be Funny?




The almost $80 Billion industry has few completely serious news sources. 


A few days ago, trusted gaming news outlet Polygon posted a video essay and an accompanying article that was an analysis of the issue of “save scumming”, or the practice of using auto-save features frequently, in order to perform a sort of guess-and-check on difficult situations in games. 

As someone who just finished XCOM 2 for the first time, and maybe had to use a lot of save files to compensate for lack of skill, I was intrigued to hear their thoughts. After all, Polygon is one of my favorite sources for gaming news.

Overally, I did find the feature interesting and engaging, but I was preoccupied with a thought I had been having with many gaming news outlets: Why is there comedy in this?


Now let’s get this straight, gaming is supposed to be fun, and I imagine outlets’ primary motivation behind this type of coverage is to capture that same culture in their coverage. Is this really necessary? Many other fun topics include coverage that does the industry they cover justice by providing a more straight laced news, albeit without the somber demeanor of just regular news (see SportsCenter).

If games are to be truly accepted as an art form, then the awkward, The Office style comedy needs to go. Not only is the humor outdated, it takes away from the coverage itself. Trusted sources I follow seemingly feel the need to inject this into most pieces they produce. While this is understandable when it is someone’s personal thoughts such as Alanah Pearces’ personal Youtube channel, it seems out of place when writing for or otherwise representing an outlet. I hope news outlets for gaming stay just that, and don’t feel the need to lean towards content creation. 


This is just my opinion on the topic, I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks, let me know below. 


- Solidsnape lives in Baltimore, MD where he writes, plays the objective, and infiltrates Shadow Moses.

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