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EVE Online Trial (PC): The Start (And End?)

Having mixed feelings from my brief foray into the free World of Warcraft trial, I jumped from fantasy to sci-fi with the trial for EVE Online. Playing for a few hours reminded me of lyrics to Elton John's seminal pop hit, Rocket Man.

It's lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight

Before creating your NPC, you are treated to a convoluted sci-fi backstory involving the discovery of a wormhole that leads humans to an unsettled, uncharted region of space. Then it jumps hundreds of years into the future to explain a war of sorts between four different factions.

The character creation system is truly hardcore and I have no idea how it affects gameplay since you're in a fucking spaceship the whole time-- but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Once in the actual game, EVE Online starts its tutorial, which has around 100 modules, each consisting of at least half a dozen pages. I only wish I was kidding. You do space combat and mine, trying to save up for a cooler spacecraft.

The most hilarious thing is the skill system, which does has variety. To level up skills, you have to use them over and over again. The game helpfully points out the amount of real world time it takes to level up the specific skill-- some skills take several days (!!!) to level up.

I fought a pirate droid, docked at a space station, and took on a bounty hunter mission to kill a pirate fighter ship. Thinking I completed the mission after blowing the ship to pieces, I returned back to the space station only to find out I was lacking the proper quest item from the spaceship I killed.

You have to loot spaceships? What the fuck...

EVE Online fans or haters-- tell me why I should keep on playing this snoozefest of an MMO! :)
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