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Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge artbook back in stock at Capcom! But for how long??



A couple years ago Capcom had the guys at UDON bring the previously Japan-only Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge art book to the English-speaking masses. The paperback version went for around $20-25, and for some reason I didn't pick it up when I had the chance. Then one day I was browsing my favorite online retail sites, and it was gone.

I looked around again today, and aside from some schmuck on Amazon selling the Japanese paperback version for 300 smackers, nothing. Then I checked Capcom's site, and lo and behold, they somehow found a few more copies of one of the limited edition hardbacks.

So I sucked it up and finally bought one. And, if you like Street Fighter and have any plans of ever owning or simply perusing this art book but haven't picked it up yet, then now's the fucking time!

Unless UDON has saved some more of these or decides to print another limited edition with another cover for the convention circuit, I really doubt you'll have another opportunity to get this book for less than the $75 (+shipping and sales tax) Capcom is asking. I can't find any of the editions on eBay currently, not even the Japanese one.

I know I sound like a corporate shill, but that's because I SUPER SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that this book is only going to get harder to find from now on based on my searches online (that, and Capcom's scary urgency speak on the site worked on me.) Search elsewhere online for yourself, I'm not shitting you. As a Nintendo DS owner, I've been seriously burned by waiting to buy things and then having them go out of print (sorry, eBay sellers, Warioware isn't worth $50 used cart only) (goddamn you, Electroplankton) (Tetris DS? How the fuck is that out of print?) (Picross DS? Now you're just shitting me) (you see what I mean by now.)

So click the link below if you're a dumbass SF fan like me that waited this long to purchase this art book! Come on, you still have Christmas money, right?

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