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(Guardian Tales)-(Collection)


This is just going to be links to everything I've done balancing wise for Guardian Tales. If I balance future Heroes past Veronica or make a blueprint for one they will be added here.


<(Balancing)> Tanks and Supports aren't listed since theres only 1 Tank per element only 2 are Rare and Supports are kinda the same way the rest are listed whos in it in order.






Ranged 1: Girgas, Gremory, Hekate, Eva and Catherine


Warriors 1: Knight, Akayuki, Lupina, Plitvice and Beth


Ranged 2: Nari, Bari, Tinia, Garam and Dolf


Warriors 2: Marvin, Amy, Lahn, White Beast and Fei/Mei


Ranged Finale: Bianca, Rachel, Elvira, Marrianne, Sohee, Arrabelle, Coco and Rie


Warriors 3: Future Knight, Lapice, Vishuvac, Alef and Rue


Warriors Finale: Yuze, Shapira, Eugene, Lynn and Neva


Guidelines/Finishing Touches


<(Future)> This will be anything past when Veronica released balancing for newer heroes or blueprints for a Hero that could potentially make it like Lana I have a good idea of how to make. I don't comeup with Heroes if they do not exist in game I won't be doing anything and I don't think anybody they release if it's not a MALE/Black Hero I'm even going to pull for unless it's a chapter type like Princess, Beth and Lillith. I'm just doing equip summons now being honest yes I like Nari she gets the best costumes in the game but current Nari is cancer I'm sitting on a lot of gems I probably will pull for but only so much I won't even use her if I got her.



<(The End)> Of Guardian Tales collection.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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