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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #184 - Elven Music


Featuring Shining Force 2, Zelda 3 and japanese synth pop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

after the first Shining Force game last week, we now have a look at the successor from 1993: Shining Force 2: The Ancient Seal (1993). During your journeys on Paramecia on your way to Creeds mansion you can be sidetracked by the perspective of visiting the elven village made of a labyrinth-like tree structure. It contains information about a future party member as well as a upgrade item and an optional battle which make it worthwhile to have a look at. Meanwhile, in the background plays a soothing, mysterious melody:

As my non-expert opinion, I think this sounds like latin-flavored synthesized flute music. Comparable melodies can often be found in japanese synth pop scene (which itself takes influences from european 70s disco scene):

Pink Lady - "恋愛印象派" (1979):

Kanako Wada - "あの空を抱きしめて" (1988):

(Note: Aim closely for the flute in the background between 1:43 - 1:49):

Funny, the fairy fountain music from Zelda 3 (1991) seems to follow the same general design principles. Should I have made this article about Zelda instead?

There is also a vague tonal similarity to the Mario 3 water world theme which has been identified as bossa nova:

I just realized I have some more Shining Force stuff lying around, so I might as well declare this Shining Force month!

Phil out.

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