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Is Ubisoft Losing it?

I was just reading Surfer Girls Blog (Yeah I know it's just gossip), and came across an interesting little story. It's about Ubisoft's delays of inferior products. Here is the quote and link to the page.

Disaster: Ubisoft and the Kingdom of Delayed Product

Kudgel informs of the latest episode of the perpetual situation comedy known as Ubisoft.

The videogame based on Lost was so terrible that when the company sent it to Sony for approval, they refused, saying "no, your game is too boring and has no gameplay, we don't want it on the Playstation 3." This videogame will beat records at being bad and will bomb really hard.

The next Splinter Cell game has been redone three times over already. Developers just can't seem to include good gameplay in it. That's part of why it got delayed. Same can be said about Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The story was abysmal and it was supposed to be a prequel to Vegas in the early stages of development. Developers then said it made no sense at all, because the first Vegas game finished with a "To Be Continued" screen. They delayed it to work on the story and add some maps.

Far Cry 2 has also been delayed because it was terrible. The game does not look like NEAR what has been shown. Even with the best PC available to the developers, the game just does not match what has been shown so far. Far Cry 2 is both bad and requires one hell of a machine (PC) to run.

I have not yet played my copy of Assassin's Creed but my bro' says it's ok. mMaybe they are losing they're touch or is this just good quality control after what happened to Assassins Creed not really living up to the hype?
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