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Star Wars reading guide The High Republic part 1-3









Hey everyone, I wanted to bring up a cool idea, I wanted to talk about my favorite writer who is the writer of my favorite Comic series, Cavan Scott, he has a lengthy history of writing several other star wars books and novels but today I wanted to talk about his success with The High Republic I thought it was an amazing idea to bring up a new era of star wars that have not been talked about ever. He brought exciting new characters such as the Jedi Padawan Keeve Trennis (who is a main character in the series) to her master, Jedi master Sskeer who is trandoshan (which I have not seen many if any trandoshan Jedi masters in the Past) the comic series goes on and on with support characters on different and unique planets. As you read, you get more caught up with the story of these characters, and their background. As you pass the first part of the series, Cavan Scott comes up with ideas to keep a few ties to the Jedi Order from the movies such as a fan favorite, Yoda, he has an appearance around the first half of the 1st comic of the sabers, he is not young but he is younger then he was in the movies, obviously. Though the second comic of the series explains in the introduction, that keeve had passed the Jedi trials and is not a strong Jedi knight who would serve and protect the galaxy. Also in every part that goes by Cavan Scott reveals the next group of new characters to the series and the star wars universe. 2 brothers Terec and Ceret they seem like an altered type of human, nothing like any characters or ann race seen before. They are Jedi Knights, carrying their own Green Lightsabers, as I did not mention that Keeve as a Jedi knight she carries a double-bladed lightsaber with a green kyber crystal. The story of the 2nd part is exciting but not as predictable as many would think, the team Ceret, Terec , Keeve, and master Sskeer stumble upon a ship filled with dioxsis gas and the corpse of a dead Hutt along with his henchmen. As they split master Sskeer came on a part of the ship which he knew there was a presence but he could not sense who or what was near him, until a simple attacker not knowing that there was a pack of Jedi, but thinking they were nobodies, the attacker quickly realized they were Jedi but too late, he got cut in half by master Sskeer to end his troubles. That is as far as I am going to go with talking about this part of the series, I do not want to spoil anything further. Now Part 3 starts, I will only mention the beginning to keep from spoiling any more, so now, this starts up with Sskeer having a "disagreement" with Ceret caused by the fact he had killed someone in cold blood and to Sskeer he made a mistake unworthy of a Jedi, while Keeve is not present at this moment she was elsewhere on a planet far from them. She found herself in a problem while on that planet, having to use the force in what she thought was a life-altering decision, but it truly was not. I will not spoil this anymore but I will add this, this story is worth your time, I truly recommend it to any star wars fan, you will find out the story for yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I will be creating another blog for the next 3 parts of the story, if you would like, you can message me and I will tell you more about this story. I hoped you now have more appreciation for Cavan Scott after you read it for yourself. Thank you and may the force be with you.

- May the Force be with you. Always

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