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Best Games Of 2007

So 2007 is finally at an end, and the gamer community enjoys a sign of relief. Our wallets
definitely took a beating this year, but it was definitely worth it. This was easily the best
year for gaming in recent memory, if not ever. So the brobots are posting up the games
that were especially memorable this year. We're not assigning any numbers or one true
GOTY winner because that shit is worthless.


Bioshock truly blew me away with its immersive environments. The story of Rapture is
truly awe-inspiring. You want to play the game just to further explore the watery depths.
We here at brobots subscribe to the belief that games can be an art form all their own, and
Bioshock reaffirms that belief. What Kevin Levine and Irrational did with Bioshock (notice
how I didn't call them 2K Boston) is truly a beautiful thing and remains one of the most
memorable single player experiences in my gaming career.

Call Of Duty 4

While Call Of Duty 4 doesn't necessarily do anything new, it absolutely perfects the FPS
genre, particularly with its online play, which is perhaps the greatest of all time. The
gameplay is frantic and visceral from start to finish. The online experience system remains
one of my more addictive past times. If you have Xbox Live (or PSN), then you owe it to
yourself as a human being to check this out. You won't be disappointed.

Halo 3

I have grown weary of the constant Halo hate train that seems to patrol most online gaming
communities. Halo 3 is a great game. The single player doesn't hold too many surprises,
but it definitely delivers many "wow!" moments throughout. But as with COD4, the real
meat here is in the multiplayer, which is the most polished online experience to date.
Everything is streamlined to perfection with customization options abound. There are quite
a few revolutionary new features here, such as the Theater and Forge modes, which have
no equal in any other game.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect is probably the biggest game I've ever experienced. The scope is beyond
over-whelming. But in the best way. It might be a little hard for the casuals to get into this
one, as the game literally offers you no guidance. Ever. But it's definitely worth every inch
of the steep learning curve. The dialogue system is incredible. The gameplay is solid. The
story is beautiful. The replayability is infinite. This could be Bioware's best RPG yet.

The Orange Box

The Orange Box is undisputedly the best value in gaming history. Five games for the price
of one. Five incredibly good games. Half Life 2 remains a landmark FPS experience, and
it's two expansions continue those high standards. Team Fortress 2, while suffering from
some sketchy issues on Xbox Live, remains one of the best class-based multiplayer options
available, especially on the PC. But the real jewel of the bunch is Portal. I love Portal. I
can't say that enough. I would gladly shell out 60 for a full version of the game. The
concept itself is innovative, but it's the delivery and style of the game that cement it as one
of my all-time favorites. The writing is the wittiest I've ever encountered. I was actually
laughing out loud, something few games could ever dream to accomplish.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction

Ratchet & Clank is one of those rare games that is just a total joy to play. It's so incredibly
chaotic that you can't help but smile when you boot it up. The graphics really do rival that
of a Pixar film, something we've been promised for about five years now. The weapons are
zany, and the experience system is very intuitive. The writing is also top-notch here, being
genuinely funny all around. This really is one of the best action-platformers out there.

Rock Band

When I first heard about Harmonix's new project Rock Band, I have to admit that I was
skeptical. But they delivered and over-delivered. This game is THE definitive local
multiplayer experience out there. Getting a group of bros together to jam the night away
will be one of those experiences you remember forever. You really feel like you're on top
of the world and rocking out in arenas across the globe. And, unlike with GHII and the
more recent GHIII, the delivery of DLC for the game has been solid. Hopefully they'll start
releasing those full albums soon. (Fingers crossed for Weezer's Blue Album)

Super Mario Galaxy

Probably the best description I've heard about Galaxy goes something like this: First there
was Super Mario Bros., and then Super Mario Bros. 3 perfected that formula. Then there
was Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy perfected that formula. Super Mario Galaxy
is the best 3D platformer ever made, if not the flat-out best platformer ever made, if not
the best game period. The level design is the most innovative I've ever seen. The
gameplay is fun from start to finish. The music is easily the best of the year. My praise for
this game really knows no bounds.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Apart from being one of the true graphical showcases of the year, Uncharted boasts some
seriously solid gameplay. Nathan Drake is basically the bastard child of Marcus Fenix and
Lara Croft, as Uncharted combines the platforming and puzzle elements of the Tomb Raider
series with the stop-and-pop gameplay of Gears Of War. And throw in some solid vehicle
sequences to boot. And it all works. It's like living out an action movie, which is something
I've been meaning to do for a while.


Warhawk is one of my favorite online experiences of the year, and I only started playing a
few weeks ago. I don't have much experience with the PSN, but I know that having
dedicated servers on a console game is pure gaming bliss. The game has a very Battlefield
feel to it, albeit a slightly cartoonish variant of it. There are so many ways to lay damage
to your foes that I often find myself really stuck debating which avenue I want to take. Do
I load up the flamethrower and lay siege to tanks? Do I get on a missile turret and lay
down some heavy AA support? Do I get in a Warhawk and drop clusterbombs to take out
all those ground units? The only real answer is to do them all. A lot.

Honorable Mentions: Metroid Prime: Corruption, Assassin's Creed, Zack & Wiki: Quest For
Barbaros' Treasure
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