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Star Wars Republic Commando replay


So, I was browsing through my Star Wars games on my ps4 usually I would play battlefront 2 or Star Wars Jedi Academy but this time I went back and played a "remake by Aspyr Media " of Star Wars Republic commando and I loved it, it brought me back so many memories. Playing as leader of Delta squad and a group of commandos, This game is amazing for several reasons, it shows a different view of the combat that took place at the Battle of Geonosis in the Star Wars Attack of the clones movie, the shooting is amazing and I prefer 1st person shooting then 3rd person you get to use many different weapons, such as Republic grenade launchers, sniper rifle, pistols and a normal commando blaster rifle the list goes on and including foreign weapons used by enemies. this game is packed with several different opponents, although very difficult you will most likely enjoy the challenge. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to get to play as clones that hold their own unique separate stories to learn as you play beside them. Now.. I have to point something out that I learned as playing and did not like, There are certain points in the game where you will face a never-ending amount of droids or whatever you meet, you will use all your ammo if you don't realize where those points in the game are this could be frustrating but the game is long and fun I decided to put that aside and see the game as it is, a star wars masterpiece worth playing at any point. I wanted to keep this short and make it a kind of game review.  I do recommend this game to anybody who wants a star wars 1st person shooter along with a squad with an interesting story.

This game is only 14.99 on the PS Store, I recommend it. Please let me know what you guys think ill be waiting 

Thank You and may the force be with you 

- May the Force be with you. Always

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