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Hey! Got a Wii? What's your 32443 digit friend code? (Plus some Questions)


Hey Destructoid. After playing some CoD4 with you guys, I got that insatiable urge that only Mario Kart can fix. When I went to my Wii to fire up some VC Mario Kart 64, I suddenly realized that I don't have any Dtoid buddies on my Friends List. Certainly a Sad Panda.

Well I'm here to fix that! Anyone who has a Wii and room on their list post your code here!!!12evlevn


I have already posted this in the Forum Topic as well. I don't see much hope in it

Quick Q's:

-Any really good Mr. Destructoid Miis out there?
-Which online games do you have/looking forward to on the Wii?
-Can the American VC Pokemon Snap export the pictures to the message board like the Japanese one can? Anyone know how to do this?


-Anyone modded their Wii?
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