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Poo, Santa Barbara Rain!

So here I am, midnight, sitting in a hotel watching the latest on Britney Spears. She's such a tard. ANYway, I'm in Santa Barbara, a really nice college town on the West Coast.

Yesterday it was UCLA, which was such a better school. UCSB is cool, I guess, but the rain (which is unexpected, and really heavy) was awful, and the education standards seems to be lacking.....at least for me.

The worst part?? I missed FNF! I mean, the only game I could play right now is Rock Band, but ever since I've come around to playing games online, it's been really hard to go back. To top it off, Orange Box is in the mail for me, so I'll be playing that.

Thankfully, Puzzle Quest DS has saved the day on the ride back home, much better over Pride and Prejudice (for real, the book) which I'm reading for my major. I'm really, REALLY sick of Mr. Freakin' Darcy and Elezbian Bennet.

Anybody go to some UC's in So Cal? What's the gaming scene here?

Also, am I the only person interested in picking up Wii Fit this month??
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