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(Guardian Tales)-(Warriors Balancing 2)


Unlike last time most these Heroes are under the radar or really bad I have decent experience with everyone but Fei/Mei. I think I did a good job on this one everyone got buffed.



(Marvin)-(Peacekeeper..?) He has anger issues just goes around repeatedly punching you seemingly even when your unconscious don’t mess with him unless you want an endless battle the more you hurt him the more he’s going to hurt you he usually will outlast you. I don’t think he’s that bad of a guy just grumpy and he had to fight his whole life for basically everything so it’s sorta understandable but still not warranted don’t take it out on everybody you see. But as long as nobody causes trouble he won’t get involved I’m not sure how I feel about this situation after the cultist are gone he’s like a one man Martial Law just watching at all times. I believe he wants to die though on death sounds like he went down with a smirk on his face. I don’t really like or understand his evolution stages his sprite could be better where did this armor come from? To me it should have been his clothes get more torn, additional scars from more battles and bandages but he gets more bulky he should end up as big as a Tank honestly he is the strongest man in this game MALE Hero.



Being honest I believe he is the 2nd weakest main story Hero in the game Fei is probably 3rd but Coco is the worst Hero in the game by far. I do like and use him he isn’t as strong or tanky as he should be feels like why does Akayuki have 212 Defense and he has only 157 with a 3k HP advantage? He needs his defense increased to near 200 so his special can be maintained better and improved offense critical hits are not something he can make much use of charges for a single blow I would just build him defensively and make use of his Special.


Normal Attack: While charging if damaged and amount of health he has remaining charging speed increases also increase max charge to 250% cannot be interrupted. Now he can punish you for attacking him while charging which speeds it up so he gets his revenge faster and do more damage since he can charge up more. If hit won’t force him to lose all his charge against PvE enemies he actually can’t move if surrounded his startup time to attack is too long.

Chain Skill: Damage is low increase to 300% DPS.

EX Weapon (Vulkan): The attack now interrupts and knocks opponents back (Except Tanks they are immovable) at full charge and causes area damage kinda like Akayuki’s EX. If damaged while charging reflects 10% of the damage received back should replace his rage mechanic. Skill needs to do 350% DPS damage it’s way too weak for its regen time he actually shatters the ground should knock opponents to the side disrupting formations.



(Amy)-(Don’t push me…) Amy’s a kind soul she will politely tell you to calm down or stop making trouble until she reaches her limit and her other frightening half takes over. I don’t know but I think she’d be a good babysitter because of that those kids better behave and a good actual Maid if you don’t be like Uncle Phil and give her a fair price for her services. Relationship with Dolf is really weird they get along usually but she knows when she’s getting shorted by one of his deals and tries to kill him while if Dolf is in trouble she does everything she can to save him even her final words upon death is telling him to run but he’s usually fine literally chilling and it ticks her off when she thought he was in danger making her worry for nothing.



Like Dolf I used Amy a lot early on but Amy was our carry with (Pridwen) for a long time until I did get Plitvice she wasn’t lead so it was okay. Again another Hero in a bad spot her kit makes her look like a bottom 5 Hero she does everything poorly if she has to move and equipment wise there’s not a single Basic Legend Two-Handed Sword that Downs she actually cannot be a party leader unless you use Beth’s EX or a Unique Cloud Sword if you want a bonus it’s really sad to see. Now she’s only used in raid usually she deals damage but her HP just melts away because her attack is so stationary she dies easily she’s only good for Raid and Kamazone because of her Special if you can activate it that is and stay alive. I would say this is just the worse Hero in any mode if she didn’t have a Melee Attack party buff but only Knight and Lahn would benefit Basic wise Basics are in a really bad spot.

She’s a berserker but she can barely push like she’s supposed to that normal attack finisher is really, really bad. And if you don’t draw first blood she has no special her defensive stats aren’t that great either would need about 25 more Defense if you ask me. Give her some critical rate with that attack rate she can soar but don’t even show up to Arena with Amy she actually is the worse Hero in there. I need her to actually be a Berserker and push while shredding as many opponents in her way into pieces before going down with deaths she should be the strongest melee attacker in the game now with my Special change if conditions are met.

Potential EX would probably be an Axe. With it her normal attacks range is doubled, has a slight chance of lifesteal and attack increases by 10% the more enemies surrounding her within 3 tiles up to 50%. Should have high HP recovery on enemy kill and a decent amount of critical rate low defense. Skill should be an extremely wicked fierce spin attack moving in any direction extremely high hit rate and range downs enemies obviously should be good at getting to the backline easily. When she activates this skill there will be blood.


AI: She should try and surround herself with enemies before attacking to try and hit as many enemies at once as she can in like a zone yes this will probably get her killed but she’s supposed to do a massive amount of damage before going down that’s how actual berserkers fight as reckless as possible.

Normal Attack: I would instead have her finisher a violent spin attack almost like a spinning top can move slightly has a high hit rate but low damage and gains 20% movement speed after the finisher to catch up to foes for 3 seconds. This is what makes her pretty bad to me she’s the most immobile two handed sword fighter in the game with her current finisher the speed bonus after should help her keep up with opponents.

Chain Skill: Should land and stay on the opponent chained instead of teleporting back to where she was as support to finish them off. Increase DPS damage to 300%, damage done and attack speed to the opponent chained is increased by 30% for 5 seconds.

Special: Gains 15% Attack on Ally and Enemy deaths permanently instead of 30% on enemy kill heals 5% HP and 30% movement speed for 5 seconds as well to reach the next opponent faster. Resets if you leave the room if it’s in a rift type mode if it’s Arena it’s maintained stacks up to 7 times which caps at 100% Attack. This is to counter her situational special now with advantage and disadvantage this activates. If she’s the last one standing (Unlikely) and you at least take 2 enemies out her offense should be insane in a Coliseum setting or if she’s final in Arena with both teams first 2 heroes defeated this is the last person you want to see.



(Lahn)-(The All Knowing?) She probably has all the answers since her and her clan or tribe has been recording the history of the world how she enters the story I’m not sure. Has no voice so this story she has in terms of speaking like poetry all the time doesn’t make much sense to me. Her playstyle is the most like a boxer in this game is to keep your distance try and connect 2 jab combos hold her Thunder Fist for weapon skill regen speed try and hit that skill then shoot the paper bomb or keep holding it to keep that regen going once you have it you don’t exactly need to get close anymore unless you want to attack she’s pretty effective in Arena if their scared to approach since your holding that skill at all times and that bomb. If she chains she heals a lot of health if you can sustain a long fight she can come in clutch along with her Special isn’t great but good.



She’s a very solid sleeper pick but I do not understand this character’s Special I’ve never seen it used I tested it and it still isn’t much and with no teammates has none. I do use this Hero she must get advantage state to chain to heal which is on a 20 second cool down but it deals high damage and actually hits all opponents. I feel like she’s made for PvE right now she can be pretty tanky while doing decent damage Melee and Ranged Defense decrease is situational again but won’t mess with it her HP buff is really nice though she brings a lot to the table honestly well designed Hero.


Special: This just doesn’t do enough and can be completely disabled if they insta die before hitting 20% HP. When this activates or an Ally dies she can resurrect them with 20% their max HP with 1 second of invincibility including herself can be used again after 20 seconds. Now if they die this can still activate think of it as Karina’s but for the entire team if you survive long enough she can use it again. Weapon Skill regen is reset to 0 if revived just in case they have one charged so they can’t cheese anyone.

EX Weapon (Pure Mind): Thunder Fist should decrease Melee Defense by 20% at a 100% hit rate and hitting enemies inflicted with another Thunder Fist refreshes and deals 50% bonus damage. Just off her normal attack is kinda making this a permanent debuff maybe now holding Thunder Fist won’t be that much of a thing if you can deal bonus damage.



(White Beast)-(The Hunter) Don’t know much about this Hero but very fun to play but is really easy it’s almost brain dead has no voice though. I invested a lot of stones into this Hero early on too but water is my weakest element I’m a fire account I can’t do much with him other than have him be a damage dealer that finishes off weak enemies. His buff is Water Attack so I’m guessing he’s supposed to be the Water version of Plitvice but more offensive his chain deals high damage and decreases defense very solid. I’m not sure what his max potential is honestly the way he fights he will probably be the first to die and I haven’t used him in a long time or leveled a claw enough to see his true impact but potentially a heavy sleeper.



Possibly Amy’s best teammate since he does bonus damage to half health enemies to help activate her Special and Chains off injured reducing Defense as well. He’s very strong if you actually build him statistically he’s really good and his chain is great there is a Legend Water Claw he could use but I haven’t been fortunate to fuse one yet but Ranpang’s EX is the only Claw that works for him party lead wise since the Legend one sends airborne unless you want to use the Phoenix Wing Claw which is Fire only the Oni Claw injures unique wise. He’s a sleeper pick again with little options for himself to be a party leader. He’s very easy to play actually sticks to you like glue unlike most non two handed sword fighters.

Potential EX: Attacks against enemies inflict injury damage for 3 seconds to simulate bleeding, does 30% DPS damage to enemies inflicted and decreases defense by 5% up to 20% per hit for 3 seconds opening that wound. Should have high hp recovery on enemy kill and solid defense. Weapon Skill should be a quick flurry of 3 Large Crescent Slashes dealing injury damage.

AI: If an opponent drops below 50% HP he should automatically get taunted I guess and focus on the enemy with the lowest HP.

Chain Skill: Increase to 30% instead of 20% everyone with an attack increase gets 30% Chain Skill wise why not Defense decrease?

Special: Additionally on enemy kill movement and attack speed increases by 50% for 5 seconds to help get to the next potential victim and shred them even faster.



(Fei/Mei)-(Way too Asian) This is a very solid Hero attacking has chance to deal additional damage Special gives free critical rate for their rate of fire if hit and EX allows healing every time Double Palm activates but must stick to you like glue for low damage while taking much more. Is being held back by that situational party buff no doubt I do see some top 100 teams using them in Arena though. I personally don’t care for this Hero much I only used them for world 6 stages that’s pretty much it didn’t feel them much at least Fei is MALE.




I think it’s because I hate boxing type enemies interrupting my attacks very annoying or this honor/dishonor and sometimes dishonour in Asian culture which usually warrants death to someone at least on TV they even killed their Sensei like every single movie. At least for Fei since that’s who I got his lines are very cheese. I’m not sure that Special is good or bad it’s pretty lack luster to me but their attack rate is very high could be more useful than I think though but it’s only 20% critical rate like Hekate’s who has a critical rate party buff useless look at Arrabelle’s Special straight upgrade to me.


(Swap) Should be able to use either Fei or Mei they are the same Hero but is random if you pull one or the other or there is a choice later on I think I pulled Fei so I never got the option if there was one or don’t remember. Hopefully they don’t force this into a Super Costume or anything also add both Heroes story in the book yeah that book you know the book with 2 books in it? It’s a Guardian Tales classic.

Special: Additionally Critical Strike Multiplier is increased by 30% because pressure points!

EX Weapon (Pride of Fighter): Double Palm Attacks always critical hit and should decrease enemies Attack and Defense by 2% can stack up to 10 times lasting 3 seconds so you must get very lucky to reach the cap at 20% and maintain it.





(Marvin) Will now punish you more for damaging him the increased charge speed when getting hit or missing health should come in clutch along with more Defense. EX Reflect damage along with that should help him out a bunch you still have to hit this man to win I would say he’s an offensive Oghma now.


(Amy) Way to stationary her normal attack got changed entirely every ability she had got buffed honestly I have a lot of experience with Amy and she’s just bad compared to other two handed sword fighters plus she’s a BASIC this game hates basics other than Fire their countered really hard.


(Lahn) She’s fine Special and Thunder Fist needed some adjustments I would say she’s the melee Tinia and can act as a healer in dire situations. ALERT this season 2 update they actually changed Lahn's special sorta how I did and Plitvice's is 20% instead of 15% which is a bit much considering Lavi's Special makes hers kinda obsolete. Which would you rather 20% chance to literally ignore any damage or 50% chance to halve damage? I won't mess with it but I prefer my changes and that isn't Bias at all right?


(White Beast) He’s really good I believe if someone put enough effort into him he could be amazing but his Special doesn’t activate until they get to a certain amount of health so on teams that do massive damage quickly he will shine the most. I basically only buffed his Special after defeating enemies he gets very relentless.


(Fei/Mei) Meh to me counter pick party buff holding them back and not so great Special their fine on Light teams but standing alone could be better. EX got buffed double palm strikes always critical hit and decrease both attack and defense added Critical Hit multiplier to their Special. I added an option to swap which one you wanted to use since they are the same unit wise have the exact same training but not the same person/background.



<(The End)> Of Part 2 I think I did well but no homeruns honestly Amy is probably my best change here she really needed it. Thanks for reading Comment!

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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