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(Guardian Tales)-(Ranged Balancing 2)


<(Guardian Tales Ranged Attackers 2)> Same rules apply as part 1 Nari and Bari had to be nerfed and I’m not sure if this is enough no AI changes here though.



(Nari)-(The Successor?) I don’t have this Hero I would say she’s a nice girl but she keeps yelling and beating on you at unexpected times and you don’t even know what you did she has a short temper. She's very sly and deceptive she isn't actually afraid of you definitely don't want her to give you that glare or she's going to do something to you. In the Side Story I don’t like that if a Tiger attacks a Human it warrants death but vice versa it’s fine just like Zoos and Circuses they are innocent get put in a cage (Jail) for people to look at they are inferior to the Human Master Race and it makes me quite sad.



Anyways she doesn’t look the part but she can erase you with little skill and has a blast doing it she’s legit dancing when she chain skills you. Look I like Nari but her and Bari have been terrorizing Arena for basically the entire existence of this game something has to be done. In Arena If you got a Nari in an Arena with walls your chances of winning go up by an absurd amount actually requires skill though to shoot run then shoot again doesn’t have to aim since it does homing those who use Nari there have no shame. And yes I hate this characters playstyle I have a Bari but not a Nari I’ve seen enough of her to know how to fix though. She’s getting nerf buffed.

Arena Game Plan is if she isn’t hitting like a truck keep distance wait for her to have to reload or get close to reloading that’s your window to strike then disengage if she throws a skill or is holding it try and bait and avoid it. If she is running with walls and your melee your best shot is to try and land a skill and play the HP timeout battle. Try not to hit her repeatedly if you can she gains a massive I mean massive amount of Defense every time she is hit so if I’m using Girgas for example it stacks very quick but he can usually hose Nari’s down since he actually doesn’t need to reload head to head.



Normal Attack: I need to be careful here these changes are only for PvP purposes it’s not that she’s strong just the sheer ease she can take you down if you try and push her attacks aren’t like actual Basket users that lob and are easy to avoid these track you down she can camp behind walls or in a corner and basically doesn’t need to move at all. I don’t want to affect her performance in PvE too much.

Movement speed of the projectile should be halved. Enhanced Fox Beads should decrease normal defense by 3% for 8 seconds can stack up to 8 times now has a 10% chance to shoot one and final attack is guaranteed. Enhanced Fox Beads also do more damage and move at its current speed which would be faster. Should shoot wide from the sides before homing in so if someone’s in your face you cannot hit them and the homing should be disabled after half its range making it crossover so if the target moves they can avoid being hit if at a safe distance. Reload time also needs some more delay if you don’t fire all your shots the final shot is a single bead goes straight towards a foe instead of arcing like the rest so if they are in your face this will be a guaranteed hit and has double the range. I changed it to defense decrease instead of ranged defense cause that’s situational again but it gradually stacks than an instant 20% now.


Chain Skill: She dances as she burns you alive this melts entire teams HP it’s really stupid and one of the rare chain skills that actually hits all opponents ailmented decrease DPS damage to 200%.

Special: I did the math and if hit repeatedly by like a Girgas attack she gains 64% defense how outrageous… Please decrease to 4% instead of 8% and stacks are on at least a 1 second cool down so it isn’t immediate.

EX Weapon (Sage Bead): Decrease chance to shoot an Enhanced Fox Bead to 20% so with it she has a 30% chance now.



(Bari)-(Memory Souleater) I hate Bari my most disliked character in the whole game but will probably be very relevant in the story later because World Tree. After the Side Story that came out recently I don’t hate her as much but other than that first wish I don’t think she should grant anymore that whole towns memories were connected in some way take away one the wish you granted wouldn’t even know the meaning for anymore the wish didn’t even matter. She just goes around eating your soul or her own soul I don’t believe this type of price is worth granting any wish for unless she gives away all her memories and sanity. It’s a very somber situation best not mess with it she makes me sad. I understand Bari more but it’s mostly negative she’s still OP even if she wasn’t I’m not using her not fun to play. My top 3 most hated Heroes are Bari, Sohee and Marianne those last 2 are just next level annoying.



Unlike Nari, Bari is easier to deal with since she can’t move that much but her flat out HP and Defense along with the highest attack stat in the game is just ridiculous. She’s a Tank that shoots Nuclear Missiles her normal attack does more damage than a weapon skill it’s very stupid and is an explosion. Just because I hate this character doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make her fun to play because she is the most boring character in this entire game only rival is current Eva. Decrease Attack to 900 at least if she’s going to be so tanky.


Normal Attack: She’s actually for an inexperienced user difficult to play since she has to fire at full charge and with her EX you have to pay very close attention if you get a swift bullet. Give her a charge meter and be able to shoot without fully charging but if not fully charged damage, projectile speed and blast radius is lower. It’s very frustrating to watch both Bari and Nari in coop against those illusion type enemies that take 1 damage.

Chain Skill: Acts just like Nari’s decrease DPS to 200% but this is an area elemental debuff it’s very strong.

Special: She basically gets a free infinite 30% attack boost in her special as long as she attacks. Consecutive hits on 1 target fully charged shots deal 10% more damage caps at 30% last 5 seconds refreshes the stack each time she hits fully charged so as long as you focus fire gradually you deal more damage to them instead of instant 30% free attack.

EX Weapon (Mayreel): Chance to get a swift bullet should be decreased to 30%.



(Tinia)-(Unjustified Justice) This is the 1 Hero I want the most but do not have she’s been there during new years pulls like every time but wasn’t fortunate to get her. I can’t judge her Justice because I don’t know her story which should be the same for whoever she is trying to inflict Justice upon. The little things I’ve seen side story wise she’s a bit like Ranpang but actually determined. She tracks you down at least tries and then tries to eliminate you based off the little information she has it means death. What gives her the right? I only look at stories of Heroes I own but for now her intentions aren’t that enlightened to me and probably wants to be a superhero or something her lines are kinda cheesy.



I think this is a very good rundown of her strengths and weaknesses. She’s not bad by a long shot pretty strong debuffer and hits very hard she seems like a low skill cap Hero since she shoots in 3 directions no need to actually aim and has a chance to fire a stronger arrow along with an additional ability Desert Arrow which makes her chain skill do massive damage. It’s just like many heroes are being left behind by these new ones that are straight upgrades literally it’s not even funny I don’t think I’ve seen a single Tinia in months. Her regular kit is like she has her EX built in only thing her EX does is increase damage on her additional ability Desert Arrow damage just like Marinas. Her Special is kinda over powered just by attacking she gets an attack speed bonus and damage taken is reduced by 30%. Out of all the heroes I think she’s the best Range Attack buffer since she can decrease defense by 20% too.

She just lacks range because she shoots 3 arrows at once so she pushes up a lot but she does have a back flip to disengage if needed which also shoots a powerful arrow decreasing defense. This is a really well designed hero just give her a true tank like a Craig or Oghma so she won’t get demolished when she pushes up Marina is very poor at defending the team she gets in separate fights often. This is a Hero like Marina I would say you don’t even need their EX barely does anything statistically.


Special: Don’t decrease damage received.

EX Weapon (Sarnga): Weapon Skill’s arrow rain is easy to dodge if your chasing her which would be often I personally would have her rain arrows around herself and be able to move and attack so anyone pushing her will get alimented this skill right now almost never ailments off 2 uses if the enemy can move.



(Garam)-(Always needs healing) I was so sad when Nari got released and not him it was another slap to the face for MALE Heroes when he did drop I was gonna go all in on him but Lupina was on banner too and I wasn’t going to miss out on her. I did eventually get Garam for new years though. He’s probably the coolest MALE Hero in the game but isn’t stereotyped I like him a lot his attitude is kinda smug against enemies but he’s mostly positive with allies it’s not like a Sasuke or Cloud type default anime protagonist. Just because he’s a Sage doesn’t mean he has to act stuck up that’s not his intentions but that’s how to comes off like to me. When I do use him I’m probably going to be the only one using a Basket with him.



I’m usually a defensive guy and I’m not sure if this man even has HP. Water is my weakest element still I’m mostly a fire account so I will use him eventually because I use every Hero not named Bari but there’s only one unique Bow that downs for him to be a lead without his EX which they added to the game when he came out Lol. He’s always one shot but he can 1 shot almost everyone else in Coop if I’m Loraine I actually need to babysit him and I really like him with a basket for some reason but it’s far too weak.

Only his stats with a Basket needs to be increased and Special needs work since he’s dual mode like Princess healing needs to be increased and should be able to use his old artifact again. I don’t believe he’s that OP considering how Gabriel is currently and how bad his defensive stats are he’s getting buffed changes to Nari’s EX which was his will be inflicted on him as well if used. Since he is dual mode he’s not going to be the strongest healer but much better than now he’s going to be a healer/buffer with a Basket but his inherent Attack will be his strength he isn’t a support.


Normal Attack: With Basket only each attack that hits enemies heals all allies for 10% damage dealt final attack heals double. 10% chance to shoot Enhanced Fox Beads which decreases enemies Attack by 3% for 9 seconds can stack up to 9 times.

Chain Skill: Again Basket only chain skill damage is decreased to 200% but increases all allies attack by 30% for 5 seconds and heals everyone by 30% of heal.

Special: When using a Basket HP and Defense increase by 30%. When using the (Sage Bead) he should still get a stat bonus this was his first of all now deals Water Elemental damage. Enhanced Fox Beads heals double and pierces enemies.



(Dolf)-(The Underestimated) He’s cool his lines are kinda corny though I like him his story is very unfortunate but he bounced back in a very big way it looks like. He’s a respectable thief but I don’t believe he’s a bad person given his history he kinda had no choice again MALE Hero. His relationship with Amy is odd she both tries to kill him and protect him with her life. I used to use him all the time until I got Girgas he kinda immediately was dropped I do use him with Plitvice sometimes in Raid but the Regen was to powerful and when alimented actually couldn’t chain I had to wait so there wasn’t much point he would be better for Arena, Coliseum and Coop than Raid unless the boss is hard to ailment.



To me Dolf is really good he causes a lot of mayhem with projectiles all over the screen if there was an option to turn off aim assist the angles he could shoot at would be very hard to dodge. His EX Skill I see in orbital lift and Kamazone often it literally one shots entire teams unless you have Craig you’re actually dead he is top priority to kill to defuse this bomb. His is the only Rare EX I do not have unfortunately he’s extremely weak defensively but his offense is really, really strong. Another Hero without their EX doesn’t have much alternatives ailment wise to be a party leader. Only his EX needs buffs this is a well designed Hero but he may require 2 tanks to keep alive so he has time to even use his skill needs a whole lot of regen a Black Crown Ring is probably his golden item has regen and good defense his party buff is regen as well if he can stay alive his potential is high.

EX Weapon (Helios): Powerful Fireballs are twice as large and can bounce off surfaces a total of 3 times. Weapon Skill needs to target an area in front of him further so he doesn’t have to push up as much given his defense and should ailment off 1 hit seeing how long it takes to land period if you don’t die that is.





(Nari) I had to decrease projectile speed and Special’s Defense pretty hard. She’s not going to be so accurate anymore but now has a chance to shoot Enhanced Fox Beads without her EX and decreases defense gradually but higher than before. She shouldn’t be as strong in Arena now. Chain skill’s buff was very strong hitting all opponents ailmented so damage had to go down.


(Bari) Like Nari changes were similar I had to decrease her Attack if she’s going to be so tanky I allowed her to shoot uncharged shots but did decrease her Special’s attack bonus it’s not going to be immediate but gradual. Chain skills debuff was very strong so damage had to go down.


(Tinia) Special’s defense was removed and her EX Skill should be easier to hit with now based on her AI as well. Yes she is ranged but she feels like a pusher her AI has her push this rain of arrows if you get close to her should prove very useful.


(Garam) Basket healing needed some buffs he will still do more damage than healing he isn’t a support with a basket his defenses do increase though.


(Dolf) Sleeper pick much like (Garam) defensively and offensively only his EX stats got buffed and if you can land his skill goodnight.



<(The End)> Of Part 2 Up Vote and Comment your thoughts thanks


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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