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[Dino in Gaming #1] ARK Survival Evolved: Your First Partner, The Parasaur


Although seemingly weak and skittish, this dinosaur will be one of your first allies in your attempts to withstand the harsh world that is Ark: Survival Evolved. In this article we'll be introducing the Parasaurolophus or "Parasaur" and its uses, how to obtain one, and other useful facts regarding this creature.


As a mid-size dinosaur, the Parasaur can be leveled to be fast with average storage capacity which makes it great as a starter mount. However, this dinosaur is not meant for combat and will naturally flee from confrontation. However, early on, this dinosaur is perfect for scouting missions. The Parasaur can outrun most dangerous predators and has just enough room to store small amounts of resources, items, and survival equipment. Unfortunately, any long-term excursions or large resource gathering runs may require a different creature due to limited storage capacity and lack of natural defense mechanisms. 

Since Parasaurs are rather defenseless, aside from fleeing, they can be knocked out for taming fairly easily, especially if you are able to immobilize the creature prior to taming. Once unconscious, providing Narcoberries (as a sedative) and other berries for sustenance will eventually tame these herbivores. Once tamed and a saddle is created, the Parasaur is ready to ride.

tek parasaur

The Parasaur serves as the introductory tameable before a survivor is ready to move on to bigger, faster, and deadlier creatures in the wilderness. We will be covering more dinos in the future articles so stay tuned!

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