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First week of PS3 havening

So I've been havening [Chronicles of George -- good stuff] the PS3 for a week now, and here are a few thoughts:

1. It makes me want to tinker with it. It's a shiny new tech gadget, not just a games machine, and I like that. Perversely, it makes me want a 360 to toy around with too. And an HDTV... stupid wallet.

2. I think I'll install Linux on it this weekend. Maybe a little Ubuntu, as it's the distro I'm most familiar with and my experiences have been good with it. PM me or leave a comment if you have experience with Linux on PS3.

3. My biggest complaint right now is having only 2 USB ports. Yes, a $10 unpowered hub can do the trick, but I think it slightly throws off the default calibration in Rock Band, which sucks because:

4. Rock Band is awesome. The drum part of Black Hole Sun on Hard can go straight to hell, however. Apparently being a mediocre drummer IRL does not translate to supreme mastery in Rock Band.

5. Go to hell Black Hole Sun because sometimes once isn't enough.

6. If you have a home network, Windows Media Player 11, and haven't enabled Windows Media Sharing, it's worth a try. You can stream (almost) everything to your PS3. The "almost" refers to Xvid/DivX video support. As in, most will play, some will not, and I can find no encoding differences between the two. I guess that's what firmware updates are for.

7. I'm buying Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV because I have a lone $25 GameStop gift card remaining and the game is cheap. Or maybe the card will go towards Uncharted even though I'm poor right now. Or possibly COD4 or Warhawk for the multiplaying. Dammit, funds.
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