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Band of Bloggers May 2021 Theme


Oh shoot, it's already May third. This theme is going up a little late, sorry about that. I hope May finds you all well. April is over (though I completely missed that happening) and a lot of intersting games recently came out, and are coming out soon. Recently, Sony did a State of Play for the upcoming Ratchet and Clank game, and one of the features among the many touted was a new to the series photo mode. It was a small segment of the overall presentation, but they seemed very excited about it, and it seemed like it had a lot of options for posing characters and customizing the photos you take. 

These days it's almost expected for a game to have a photo mode. If it isn't included on launch you can bet that the game will get one later on as a free add on. Photo modes have become more popular over the years, perhaps enough so that the Pokemon Company finally felt okay finally making a sequel to their old photo mode game, Pokemon Snap. 

In case you haven't guessed yet, the theme for Band of Bloggers in May is Photo Mode. Do you use these features when you play games? Did a moment in a game ever wow you so much that you paused it to take a picture? Or does something like New Pokemon Snap tickle your fancy a little more, taking pictures with a in game goal in mind. Which game has the best photo mode? If one doesn't come to mind, play around with them a little this month, and write a blog about your experiences. Make sure to have "BoB" or "Band of Bloggers" in your title so we can easily find it. 

Personally, I always thought it was great fun to play with God of War's photo mode, just look at how happy Kratos is here.

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