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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #179 - Nazi Submarine


Featuring Indiana Jones IV - The Fate of Atlantis and marching music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

the next Mario entry would take some time to prepare and I'm pretty busy these days, so in place of it I decided to release something more extravagant for this blog. Not a console game, but from a PC game: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis from 1992. The first Indy game not based on a movie, it still managed to capture the spirit of the source material faithfully and is regarded by many as the true spiritual sequel to Last Crusade instead of the somewhat controversial Kingdome of the Crystal skull which was released almost to decades after its predecessor. 

Fate of Atlantis features a sequence where Indy has to go undercover on a nazi submarine wihle a catchy march-inspired music plays in the background:

I tried some time to find marches that might have served as a role model to the above mentioned melody and found some samples in the - not surprising - military march canon:

Heinz Winkel - "Gruss an Berlin" (before 1962):

Karol Kazimierz KurpiƄski - "Marsz «Warszawianka»" (1831)

And somewhat

Owe Green - "Pansartruppernas stridsskolas marsch: «Pansarkamrater»" (before 1981)

Is there an actual nazi march that features this melody? Maybe we'll find out in the future.

Phil out.

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