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Scavengers Early Access Thoughts




There's A LOT going on here.

Yesterday, many of those working from home kept a tab open on Twitch during the day. Sure, I get away with this a lot of days (don't tell my boss) but yesterday featured a game called Scavengers which just entered early access. Viewers who stuck around for 30 minutes on any Twitch stream were rewarded a "drop", or a code for the game. I recieved one, and downloaded the game. I was pretty quickly overwhlemed. 


Scavengers is a tough game to define. In format, it best resembles setups like The Division's Dark Zone or Escape From Tarkov. 

Players land in a wide open map, and start with nothing, just like a battle royale. Players must harvest for data, and escape with it, similar to a battle royale. The map is littered with other teams who all want the same thing as you. Sounds just like a Battle Royale, right? Not so fast. 

Scavengers boasts a wide array of features. This includes monitoring your character's energy levels, temperature levels, and health. The game's primary method of combat is Player Vs Enviornment, as monstrous creatures roam the map attacking players.

But, Scavengers seems to want to be a Player Vs Player game at the same time. You do not need to fight any other teams in the game, though they are a good source of data if you kill them. At the round's end, all remaing teams must extract at a dropship with all of their data. Every team converges on this same dropship, resulting in a mini free for all to get on board. Even if you've gathered the most data, it's menaing less if you dont extract with it. In addition, players must take shelter during roving blizzards, which can cause the player to freeze to death. On top of that, players also have special abilities such as shields they can use. On top of that a crafting sysytem is in place for you to improve your character's weapons in each round. 

Not one of these features is bad neccisarily, it's just that they don't really gel with one another. At times, Scavengers feels like a wave based PVE shooter. Just a few moments later, it feels like a sweaty PUBG lobby. Just a few moments after that, it feels like just trying to survive in rust. It's all just a lot, and I can't help but feel as if Midwinter Entertainment is the victim of their own ambition.

Scavengers is free to play, and still in Alpha, so I hope the game can declutter a bit before it's release. 

- Solidsnape lives in Baltimore, MD where he writes, plays the objective, and infiltrates Shadow Moses.

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