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[repost] CONTEST: Win a PSP game coupon!

Well, since I received a grand total of zero entries for the contest I posted just under three weeks ago, Iím giving everybody a second chance. Yes, I know the deadline was a while ago, but I was busy over the holidays, and itís probably better to ask for entries now, because itís likely that a bunch of you got PSPs for Christmas (one of my friends did, anyway). Instead of just posting a link to my previous blog, since I know many people (myself included) are profoundly lazy, Iím going to essentially copypasta the text from that blog and put it below. Iíll also be posting this in the forums, just for more exposure and a higher chance of getting entries. Letís see some hilarious pics, people!

As many of you know, Iím the happy owner of a PS3, and I have many games for it. But Iíve never been into handheld gaming; when I was young, my parents would only let my brother and me have one console at a time (per generation, that is), and now, I just donít have the time or money to put into more than one gaming system ó and that includes handhelds. Iíve been a PlayStation Underground member since the beginning of 1998, after I sent in the postcard that was in the box of my PlayStation (which I got for Christmas in 1997). They send me various promotional materials from time to time, such as game demos and advertising brochures for certain games, and sometimes, those brochures include coupons (yay!). Usually, though, the coupons are for PSP games, and since I donít have a PSP, theyíre of no use to me.

I recently received a Holiday 2007 booklet from Sony, which basically amounts to a 28-page advertisement for the PSP and its games. Thereís one page in the entire thing thatís dedicated to the PS3, but it just features a short blurb about the connectivity between the two systems. Anyway, hereís the meat of the contest: the booklet includes a coupon thatís good for $5 off of any PSP game purchased at Best Buy. Hereís a picture below, just to preclude any ďpics or it didnít happenĒ comments:

The coupon does feature the phrase ďsome holiday cheer for you,Ē but itís valid through January 31, 2008. While God of War: Chains of Olympus wonít be out by then, Iím sure you PSP owners will be able to find some reason to head on over to your local Best Buy and make use of this discount offer. Ah, yes: the terms of the contest. Well, since I only want to give this coupon to someone who actually has a PSP, Iím going to structure my contest very similarly (okay, identically) to the Velocity Micro PC giveaway that Destructoid is currently running. So in case you havenít figured it out already, I want a picture of you with your PSP and Destructoidís homepage displayed on it. As always, the picture that makes me LOL the most will win. I was originally planning on mailing the entire booklet to the winner, but Iím a poor college student, and all I can spare is forty-one cents for regular old first-class mail in an envelope, so youíll just be getting the coupon after I rip it out of the booklet. Oh, stop whining already; this shouldnít take that much effort. The deadline for entries will be Saturday, January 19, at 12 AM (midnight) EST ó in other words, Friday night. And hey...no shooping required! Just post your entries in them thar comments below.

CliffsNotes for those of you intimidated even by semi-long posts: I have a coupon for $5 off a PSP game at Best Buy, but I donít have any use for it because I donít own a PSP. To enter, just take a picture of you and your PSP, with Destructoidís homepage displayed on the PSP. So no Photoshopping is required, but the entry that makes me laugh the most will be the winrar, so go all-out. NEW DEADLINE: midnight EST on Saturday, January 19 (Friday night), to ensure that youíll get the coupon before it expires on January 31. Post your entries in the comments below (please scale them to a width of 550 pixels so theyíll fit). Good luck!
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